Is it possible to bleach all hair types?

It is possible to lighten up to 8 shades of color. When you bleach your hair, you are removing natural pigments, and what remains is a light yellow, orange, and, depending on the color of your hair, sometimes a green hue. You are removing the color molecules from the hair fiber until there is no actual color left. Use this insight Best Bleach for Dark Hair for better understanding.
Does that make dark hair harder to bleach, then? Richly dark hair contains much more naturally colored pigment. It depends on hair quality, but it is possible to bleach darker hair . To keep hair healthy, it is better to bleach hair safely for several sessions in the living room." Also, there is no need to worry about the adverse effects of bleaching previously dyed hair:  It is okay to bleach dyed hair bleach in the same way that you bleach natural hair, but gradual rinsing is only possible with a natural hair color  . In other words, please do not rely on bleaching to lighten artificial hair color, from dark violet to light violet, for example, because you will extract all that pigmentation and return it to that unconventional discolored base.
Seek the help of a colorist when you bleach your hair
To lighten your hair optimally and, at the same time, maintain your health, experts say it is essential to get professional assistance in the beauty salon. You may need accurate accuracy and experience to achieve the tone you want, as doing well can be more complicated than it seems. "Stylists can avoid this problem completely and also correct any errors by using safe and professional products specially designed for color correction .
Get the color you want with the color toner.
Colorists initially use toner to remove unwanted yellow, orange, and green tones in bleached hair, mainly when preparing to add an artificial hair color. Toner neutralizes unexpected results, such as unwanted coloring results. When your colorist neutralizes these nuances with the toner, you usually have a more ash-like silver hue.
However, a toner not only serves as a color corrector; Rybalkina reminds us that "the bleach penetrates intensely through all layers of the hair to remove color pigments. It can cause moderate hair damage and leave the hair in a sensitive state ." With this in mind, the other function of toner, and perhaps the most beneficial, is hair healing.
Products to repair bleached hair
After bleaching your hair, it is essential to perform active recovery treatments recommended by a professional to restore your hair to its healthy state. It is almost impossible to choose the right hair care products without a professional diagnosis, but it is vital to apply intensive hair treatment after bleaching.
For daily care of bleached hair, invest in the shampoo and conditioner from the Redken Extreme Strengthening collection that strengthens and repairs damaged hair. The award-winning Extreme Anti-snap Leave-in treatment range for damaged hair is packed with a concentrated formula designed to strengthen and restore hair health in the most severe cases.

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