The Great Bear (Ursa Major) with its Dipper and Pointers, occupies the northeasterly mid-heaven. A line from the Pole Star (α of the Little Bear, Ursa Minor) to the Guardians, β and γ, lies in the position of the minute hand of a clock 23 minutes after an hour. The Camelopard (Camelopardus) is above. The Dragon (Draco), whose head is below the horizon, curves round the Little Bear to between the Guardians and the Pointers. In the northwest, fairly high up, we find Cassiopeia, the Seated Lady, and on her right, lower down, the inconspicuous constellation CephiusAndromeda, the Chained Lady, is on Cassiopeia's left. The Great Nebula will be noticed in the map—it is faintly visible to the naked eye. Above Andromeda is Perseus, the Rescuing Knight, and above him the Charioteer (Auriga), nearly overhead. On the left of Andromeda is Aries, the Ram, the small constellation the Triangles lying between them.

Toward the southwest, the Whale (Cetus) is beginning to set. The River (Eridanus) occupies the lower part of the southwesterly sky, and extends also to the mid-heavens in that direction. The Dove (Columba) is nearly due south, and at its best—which is not saying much. Above is the Hare (Lepus), on which Orion treads. The Giant now presents his noblest aspect—prince of all the constellations as he is. He faces the Bull (Taurus), known by the Pleiades and the bright Aldebaran.

Close by the poor Hare, on the left, leaps Canis Major, the Greater Dog, with the bright Sirius, which "bickers into green and emerald." The stern of the Star Ship (Argo) is nearing the south.

Very high in the southeast we find the Twins (Gemini), with the twin stars, Castor and Pollux (α and β); and below them the Little Dog (Canis Minor). The Sea Serpent (Hydra) is rearing its tall neck above the eastern horizon (by south), as if aiming either for the Little Dog or for the Crab (Cancer), now high up in the east, with its pretty Beehive cluster showing well in clear weather. The Lion (Leo) is due east, the Sickle (marked by the stars α, η, γ, μ, and ε) being easily recognized.

Queen Berenice's Hair (Coma Berenices) is in the northeast. It used to mark the tip of the real Lion's tail, just as the stars of the Crab marked his head. The Hunting Dogs occupy the space between Berenice's Hair and the Great Bear.






The Great Bear (Ursa Major), with its Dipper and Pointers, is now high up in the northeastern sky. The Pointers direct us to the Pole Star, (α of the Little Bear Ursa Minor). A line from the Pole Star to the Guardians of the Pole (β and γ) lies in the position of the minute hand of a clock 18 minutes after an hour. The Dragon (Draco) extends from between the Bears to the horizon—east of north—where its head with its two bright eyes can be seen.

Cepheus is low down, somewhat to the west of north; his Queen (Cassiopeia) the Seated Lady, beside him (α and β mark the top rail of her chair's back); while above her lies the poor constellation Camelopardus, the Giraffe.

Andromeda, the Chained Lady, is in the northwest, low down—in fact, partly set; the Triangles and the Ram (Aries) beside her, toward the west. Above them is Perseus, the Rescuing Knight; and above him, somewhat to the west, the Charioteer (Auriga). The Bull (Taurus), with the Pleiades and the bright Aldebaran, is in the mid-heaven, due west; Gemini, the Twins, higher, and toward the southwest. Orion, below them, is already slanting toward "his grave, low down in the west"; beneath him the Hare, and in the southwest a part of the River (Eridanus).

Due south is a part of the Star Ship (Argo), beside which, low down, is the foolish Dove (Columba), while above leaps the Great Dog (Canis Major), with the splendid Sirius, chief of all the stars in the sky, marking his mouth.

High up, a little west of north, is the Little Dog (Canis Minor); and higher, a little east of north, the Crab (Cancer), the "dark constellation," as it was called of old, with the pretty cluster Prœsepe, or the Beehive.

The Sea Serpent (Hydra) is rearing his long neck high above the horizon, bearing on his back, absurdly enough, Noah's Cup (Crater) and Noah's Raven or Crow (Corvus).

Nearly due east, the Virgin (Virgo) has risen, Spica shining brightly just above the horizon. The Lion (Leo) occupies the mid-space above; the "Sickle in the Lion"—its handle marked by η and α, its curved blade by γ, μ, and ε—will at once be recognized. The Hair of Queen Berenice (Coma Berenices) is nearly due east, and fairly high. Between this small but remarkable group and the Great Bear, lies Hevelius's foolish constellation, the Hunting Dogs (Canes Venatici). Lastly, in the northeast, the Herdsman (Boötes), with the orange-yellow brilliant, Arcturus, is rising, though at present, paradoxical as it may seem, he lies on his back.