Offering Indoor, and Outdoor Stargazing Programs!  

In these programs I visit your location.  

Text to plan a custom Nature program for Winter 2019-2020!   

Text me at 239/851/7827, leave your name and info for me and I will return your call.


Presentations and Stargazing 

Vacationing in Florida? 

Welcome to our State! Exploration does not have to end at Sundown, it can include a family Stargazing night at my dark sky location (To Be Announced). 

I offer educational programs for Homeschool groups in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples.  I can travel to your dark sky location for an outdoor classroom experience under our real Florida Night Sky.  Call to discuss what your group is looking for in an educational Program.  I work with the Boy Scout Astronomy Merit badge Program.         

Senior Living / Retirement Centers

Medical studies have shown that seniors who engage in new and interesting activities that stimulate new areas of the brain help reduce the rate of cognitive decline and actually help fight Alzheimer's disease. "Studies suggest that people with high brain reserve have almost half the risk of developing dementia and that Alzheimer's disease is less common among people who have a history of doing mentally stimulating activities.." Dr. Judith Neugroschl, MD at Mount Sinai School of Medicine newsletter Focus on Healthy Aging, Vol 12, Num 12, December 2009 Give your seniors a new and stimulating gift they will forever appreciate.

Cruise / Retreat owners      

Offer your guests something truly different!  Linda's Stargazing Adventures can set up at your facility and offer a one time, or regular viewing event sessions for your clients through out the year, as the sky changes.  Your clients will always remember the Hotel or Cruise that gave them such a unique, out of this world stargazing adventure.  If you run a nighttime sightseeing cruise, don't forget to include Star Gazing from your deck or island!  

 Camping at a Florida State Park? 

Things to do at the park don't end at Sundown!!  State Parks offer gorgeous views of the Florida Night Sky!  I cover: Koreshan State Historic Site, Myakka River State Park as well as Highlands Hammock. I can bring a large 10" telescope out to your groups camp site at the Park for Private Star Gazing under your Parks dark night sky. (mileage and gas added in to cost)   Scouts!  Camping out is a great time to start working on that Astronomy Merit Badge! Get a head start by inviting me over!