Wilderness Camping & Stargazing!                                                                        (you supply your camping gear, and book your site)

Contact Linda at 239-851-7827 to begin planning your group Stargazing Adventure 

What can we see?  My Stargazing visit to your campsite can start at sundown and continue until 11p.m.  As it becomes darker, I'll point out the bright stars and planets. We may catch a bright satellite passing overhead..  In January the bright winter constellations of Orion, Taurus, Gemini, Pleiades, Auriga and other notables of Ancient mythology will be visible and easy to see with the help of a pointer. After looking at constellations, and depending on sky conditions, we will begin looking at Deep Sky objects through the telescope.  Through the telescope we can observe distant galaxies millions of light years away, wispy nebulae (vast clouds of dust and gas like they fly through in Star Trek) and star clusters.  We may see a meteor or two during the night. This Adventure is PERFECT for Homeschool, Scouts, Church Youth Groups, or families who go camping!  

Your Campsite location is at CREW Land and Water Trust Cypress Dome Trails Gate Five.  Also known as Cypress Dome Trails. This location provides an excellent view of the Winter sky (and day hiking trails) lots of constellations overhead.. It has a wonderful "bowl of night" feeling to it much like a Planetarium, in that you can see around you in all compass directions of the sky. It's easy to spot the brighter stars and planets from here beginning at Sundown. It's a wonderful place to plant your lounge chair and blankets to take in the night sky vista!  It's also a great place for your outdoor classroom, looking and learning about the Night Sky with your Homeschool, Scout, or other Group.  I use a variety of media in my outdoor classroom which are tailored to your educational requirements.  Of course, if you just want to observe the sky un-structured, we can do that too. 
This camping experience is in a Primitive wilderness dark sky location with an adjacent open field suitable for Stargazing.  There is one porta potty located along the trail.  The Campsite is available for free, through South Florida Water Management.  My link below shows you how to go obtain the Permit for this location.   

To view the campsite location and discuss a Star Gazing Adventure for your Homeschool Group, family, etc.. call me 239-851-7827  The address to Google for directions to this area is:  3980 CR 850 (Corkscrew Road), Immokalee, FL 34142   You can also visit the Cypress Dome Trails Link on CREW website with a map.  Maps are also available at the kiosk. Note that CREW Trails are open from Sunup to Sundown.  Camping is only via registered campers who have Permits. All Dogs MUST be on a leash at the CREW trails and controlled.

Contact me 239.851.7827 to get started on booking your Adventure out under the stars!!                      

I accept credit cards via PayPal after you book your free campsite.

Please read all of the below regarding how to book your campsite!

Below is the South Florida Water Management District  (SFWMD) portal for Primitive (no facilities) camping permits for the Public.  There is no cost for the camping permit.  YOU supply all of your camping materials.  You are expected to pack out ALL garbage  *Leave No Trace* that you were there.  
Fire is ONLY to be in the supplied Fire Ring and kept AWAY from all vegetation.  This area is routinely patrolled by MYFWC law enforcement.  Have your Camping Permit displayed in your car window and on hand. You are expected to keep this area in pristine condition for the next camper.  Do not harm foliage, chop wood or do anything else to change or modify the natural landscape. Poison ivy, snakes, spiders, bear, panther, bobcat, and many other critters may be encountered in this wilderness area.  Make sure the fire pit is drowned out prior to leaving.  Camp Sites are inspected afterwards, so leave it in good condition.. When I visit, I may also provide comments and advice on your camp site set up, as well as afterward. 


At the SFWMD page below, Under SITE LOCATION  use the drop down menus....
Choose from the Drop Down Menu:    CREW CYPRESS DOME TRAILS GATE 5  do not choose any other location other than Gate 5.  It offers the easiest access for my observing equipment - telescopes, van, etc to go in and out to offload. 
Then Choose from the next Drop Down Menu:  CAMPING  
Then Choose from the next Drop Down Menu:  THE MONTH 
Book your overnight sometime in JANUARY, FEBRUARY, OR MARCH a date that we have agreed upon and booked for your Star Gazing evening.  Call me before booking your dates to avoid any conflicts with my scheduling.