Wildflower plantings were devastated by Hurricane Irma, so were native pollinators such as bees, bumblebees, wasps and butterflies. The plantings and shrubs, the insects, are still recovering. We also lost several trees, and are replanting

You may be visiting this page and be asking, "What's a Labyrinth?!" "Isn't that a Maze?" Well... noo A Maze has numerous twists and turns and dead ends - you can become lost in a Maze. While a Labyrinth has one clearly defined way in, and way out. A Labyrinth is a meditative walk..

Labyrinths at their core are an archetype.  They are very old structures and designs with the earliest Labyrinths dating to 4,000 years.  Some appear as archaic petroglyphs or as designs woven into Amerindian baskets or fired into ceramic pots.  They appear in paintings and drawings from various peoples across the globe. The earliest reported labyrinth was a two-story stone building in Egypt described by the Greek historian Herodotus.   

Walking forward into the Christian Middle Ages labyrinths were made into the floors of quiet, serene cathedral naves such as the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, built in 1145 over 20 years..   Old outdoor Labyrinths in England were often constructed of hedges and raised berms of turf.  It has been suggested that some of the aerial pictographs that appear on the plains of Nazca are in effect a type of Labyrinth.

Lisa of Paths of Peace writes “Labyrinth walking today can provide a sense of calm that is conducive to meditation, self-exploration and prayer. Though the labyrinth is thousands of years old, these ancient patterns still speak to us today. I believe our culture is so steeped in rapid stimulation, information and technology that we are yearning for places for quiet introspection and release. Labyrinths provide that well of solace where we can go to drink deeply.”   

Organizations and individuals are welcome to come and walk the labyrinth.  To make arrangements, contact Linda at this link.  Since this Labyrinth is at a private residence, public facilities, restrooms are not available. Street Parking is available.  The Labyrinth may be walked day or evening. It is also available for programs.

all Photography and web design by Linda Jacobson.