Visiting Florida or newly moved? Experience the natural beauty of our South Florida Night Sky. My Stargazing Adventures with a large telescope, under a clear Winter night sky filled with sparkly Constellations, a planet or two, and perhaps a meteor or satellite sliding silently overhead is both relaxing and educational. The night sky is breathtaking and really, it's our oldest storybook. You and your party can have fun exploring the night sky in our backyard stargazing program, or I can visit your dark sky place to share the view.  Are you a Homeschool parent?  I work with Homeschool, Scouts, various Community Groups and Nonprofits!   Summer programs begin at the end of April, and continue on until our Hurricane season begins.

What happens on a Stargazing Adventure?

Tours begin at sundown.. as it becomes darker, I'll point out the bright stars and planets. We may catch a bright satellite passing overhead..  In January the bright winter constellations of Orion, Taurus, Gemini, Pleiades, Auriga and other notables of ancient mythology will be visible and easy to see with the help of a LASER pointer. 

After looking for and identifying constellations, and depending on sky conditions, we will begin looking for "Deep Sky" objects through the telescope. Through a large telescope we can observe distant galaxies millions of light years away, wispy nebulae (vast clouds of dust and gas like they fly through in Star Trek) and star clusters.  We may see a meteor or two during the night. Stargazing programs typically last three hours depending on the weather conditions.

What should I bring to the Stargaze?  

Bring a cooler with snacks and refreshments.  If you have binoculars, bring those along as well as a good bright flashlight, and a dim flashlight as well.  Lounge chairs and a blanket are also good ideas! Deserted roads are great places to Stargaze from, and occasionally we utilize them, all around Southwest Florida. So be ready for Adventure!

Visiting Southwest Florida? 

The book; "A Kid's Guide To Naples, Marco Island & The Everglades" is the best area guidebook that you can get for your family adventures!

Linda's Stargazing Adventures is featured in "A Kid's Guide to Naples Marco Island & the Everglades. By Author Karen T. Bartlet. This colorful book is full of awesome day and night adventures for your whole family to explore, on and off the water, and in the skies overhead.

The book is perfect for Homeschool families to have on their reference shelf for educational, and fun field trips for everyone!

I am a University of Florida, Certified Florida Master Naturalist working with groups of as few as one, to upwards of 300 during large evening events. I am featured on pages 59 and 60 of the book: "The Florida Night Sky" by Elinor De Wire, and over some 30 years, I have been featured in many publications.  In 2014 I was listed as one of  "25 Great Surprises in Gulf Shore Life Magazine."  To go Stargazing with your group call or text:  239-851-7827


Note: TripAdvisor Ratings are obtained over the Winter months, when I am active. 


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